5 Reasons Why the SmartVide8 Sous Vide Cooker Is Right for Your California or Nevada Kitchen

March 31, 2016

Is sous vide safe? Does it meet all the safety standards? Is there any way to make the sous vide cooking process easier? In short, the answer to all three is “yes,” but let’s take a deeper look at why.

As we detailed in an earlier blog post, there are some amazing benefits for chefs who cook with the sous vide method. From enhanced flavor and moisture retention to the ability to store cooked items for longer, it’s something every California and Nevada foodservice operator should consider.

And with new advances in sous vide cooking equipment, the process is now easier and more measurable than ever.

Introducing SmartVide8 Plus to California and Nevada Commercial Kitchens

The SmartVide8 Plus sous vide cooker from Sammic is designed for HACCP compatibility and it meets NSF standards. This means chefs can not only feel comfortable the food will taste incredible, it will also comply with important government standards. Let’s take a look at why the SmartVide8 Plus is such a useful piece of equipment for California and Nevada foodservice operators.

* The SmartVide8 Plus guarantees cooking at a precisely controlled temperature. At the same time, it preserves the quality of the product and enhances flavor and texture. For additional control, an optional core probe is available. And with reduced product shrink, operators will increase profits.

* Flavor control is second to none with the SVide8. Marinating and macerating ingredients takes place in half the time. It can be used to infuse and flavor oils, fat, or other products by applying a controlled temperature technique. And it allows for cooking food in its own juice (and using that juice immediately after cooking) to further enhance flavors.

* It is very easy to use. The SVide8 requires very little hands-on time, allowing chefs to do other tasks while product is cooking. Just program the temperature and time, and the SVide8 will do the rest. With a full-color, TFT display, important information is available in a quick glance. And thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, the SmartVide8 Plus allows for an interchange of important data to improve the chef’s performance.

* It meets government standards. Speaking of Bluetooth, that connectivity allows for effective HACCP control. With SVide8, it’s possible to export or print cooking results at the end of each cycle for record keeping. And the SmartVide8 Plus also meets NSF standards.

* It’s portable. Thanks to a thick, stainless steel, ergonomic handle, the SVide8 can be easily taken from one container to another. In addition, the bag supplied with the circulator allows easy transport wherever a chef chooses to travel.