A Complete Intro to the Delfield Lines of Reach-in Refrigerators

July 8, 2014

A Complete Intro to the Delfield Lines of Reach-in Refrigerators



Designed for foodservice professionals to work seamlessly within the production flow of any kitchen, Delfield offers a complete line of energy-efficient, reach-in refrigerators. From solid doors to glass and from single temperature to dual temp, there is literally a solution for every situation.


Let’s take a look:


Delfield 6000XL Series6000XL Series – The 6000XL series is specifically designed to serve the commercial foodservice market. It comes in both glass- or solid-door models, and its careful design includes features like an efficient and space-saving top mount refrigeration system, stay-open doors that make loading and unloading easy, seamless interior liners that are easy to clean, and the capacity to accommodate 18″x26″ sheet pans. This is the perfect reach-in for enhancing productivity in the kitchen.


Specification Line – The Delfield Specification line is the single finest line of reach-ins ever developed. Every detail is engineered to perfection, from the removable top-mounted refrigeration system to the seamless, die-stamped interior top and bottom. And with an astonishing range of features and options, the Specification Line delivers the ultimate in customized performance. The only question is, what are your needs?


Look Closer


There’s almost an infinite combination of reach-in refrigerators in Delfield’s Specification Line. Narrow doors, wide doors, slide doors, refrigerator/freezers, fish drawers – we’re not kidding when we say there’s a reach-in refrigeration solution for practically every situation.


Delfield Specification Line


For a closer look at Delfield’s individual models, contact your PMG rep today or visit their online catalog of reach-in refrigerators.


Looking for even more reach-in options?


Delfield also offers a range of reach-in pass through refrigerators.  See them all here.