A Video Overview of Garland Island Suites

April 26, 2016

As we detailed in a previous blog post, there are many benefits of a customized commercial kitchen island suite. And Garland Island Suites incorporate some of the most exciting new technology that will help California and Nevada chefs and foodservice operators save time, energy, labor, space, and more.

From induction to Advanced Cooking Technology™ to insights from Garland operations around the world, their collective knowledge allows chefs to focus on what’s important – the food. Food that is cooked and served faster, better, fresher, and with more ease than ever before. With Garland’s unique emphasis on improving the performance of your kitchen, an investment in an Island Suite not only appeals to the senses, but is a wise investment as well.

Get more information about mapping out your own island. Read our Garland Guide to an Island of Your Own or watch the introductory video below.

Make your island a reality.

Whether you’re a foodservice operator opening a new business or remodeling an existing kitchen, you have an opportunity to make your vision a reality. Discover the possibilities of your own custom kitchen island suite by reading the Garland Guide to an Island of Your Own.

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