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A Cut above the Rest! No matter how you slice it, Bizerba is the best Choice!

June 8, 2018

Bizerba productsWhen considering the purchase of a commercial food slicer and/or scale, it’s important to think about how you are going to use it and determine your need.

Bizerba offers businesses innovative solutions to increase accuracy and efficiency with their state-of-the art slicing and weighing technology. As an industry leader in scales and meat slicers, Bizerba products are easy to operate and energy efficient. Their ergonomic designs allow operators to better connect with shoppers, while maintaining accuracy and safety.

From manual to gravity feed slicers, Bizerba offers an extensive line of meat slicing solutions. Their retail and industrial scales, from basic models to all the bells and whistles, will fit any business need

Bizerba brings a unique priority on environmental management and continuous improvement of operational environmental protection. In product development and introduction of new product processes, Bizerba considers the environmental impact of both materials and methods used. There is a great emphasis on minimizing the use of energy, raw materials and other natural resources throughout the entire process of developing and producing products.

Bizerba won the 2018 Kitchen Innovations Award, presented by the National Restaurant Association, for their progressive equipment that increases efficiencies and productivity for back-of-the-house operations and benefits to restaurant operators. We are delighted to bring this industry leading manufacturer of slicers and scales on board to continue serving you with brands that enhance performance and productivity in your kitchen.

Bizerba is an industry leading manufacturer of slicers and scales, offering solutions for over 100 years. The unique design of Bizerba’s blades produce clean and consistent slices, longer-lasting sharp edges and lengthens the life of the blade. With their commitment to maximizing efficiency, Bizerba offers a variety of scales and slicers designed for maximum hygiene, safety and energy savings.

To learn more about how Bizerba is an essential solution for your foodservice operation, contact Preferred Marketing Group. Our Education Center is stocked and ready with machines for you to try, let us know when we can schedule your demo!