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Custom Oven Innovation with Marra Forni

August 25, 2017

Handcrafted, made to order ovens, Marra Forni offers endless options for sizing and customization to create and deliver your best solution. The handmade, brick oven innovation by Marra Forni is simply amazing. Because of the versatility of this oven, it’s not only customizable in looks, it actually creates a personalized experience for your customer by offering true Neapolitan style pizzas that can be made fresh to order in 90 seconds.

Offering nationwide service, you can custom design with your company name and logo choosing from a wide range of colors and custom brick styles. Ovens range from sizes that can fit into any space 90 to 180. The brick ovens are equipped with a smart touchscreen that makes controlling the temperature, deck rotation, speed, direction and auto on/off incredibly easy. You can even turn on your oven before you arrive. And with an added feature of no reflecting heat under the oven makes this product a perfect solution. The gas-fired ovens help cut labor and energy costs, while offering superb cooking consistency. This adds up to more money for you and your business!

Other Marra Forni products include flywheel slicers, prep tables, and forked dough mixers.

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Made in the USA, Marra Forni is a committed team of professionals who stand by their excellence in their product and by the way they do business!

Visit our Culinary Center where you can demo one of these amazing ovens with our very own Preferred Chef and consult with our experienced sales reps. We will gladly share best equipment practices with you. Contact Preferred Marketing Group today to schedule a demo at

Check out some of our creative experiences with using Marra Forni ovens by watching the videos below!

Preferred Marketing Group shows you the Marra Forni E2!

Preferred Marketing Group Cooks with Chef Ali

Preferred Marketing Group Cooks with Chef Vito