How to Save Costs with Food Prep and Staging

August 24, 2015

Does this sound familiar?

It’s the height of a busy rush when orders aren’t leaving your commercial kitchen as quickly as they could be. Tickets are flowing in. The wait staff is literally waiting. Orders are getting mixed up, and customers are not happy. You are in the weeds.

So how do you speed up service without sacrificing quality and consistency?


When everything is in its place, your operation runs smoother. That’s why mis en place is such an important aspect of any high volume establishment. Planning and placement of foodservice equipment and ingredients can decrease the number of steps a chef takes to complete a dish. It can have a tremendous impact on kitchen efficiencies. And when the proper equipment is used, it can transform a kitchen.


In short, staging with CVap technology from Winston allows food to be brought to the exact internal temperature desired, where it remains without overcooking or drying out. A dish can stay at proper serving temperature up until it’s time to finish and serve that dish. This means it is delivered at just the right time, every time.

Imagine how much faster a kitchen can operate when a pan of fresh burger patties is cooked, remains at a desired temperature, and then seared on the grill just before serving. And that goes for steaks, pork loins, seafood, and any other center-of-the-plate ingredient you can think of using. With CVap Staging, speed of service increases, and control over menu quality and versatility is unparalleled.


To answer this question, you first have to answer another question. What is food? Food is comprised of up to 90 percent water, and as chef will tell you, the ability to control the moisture contained within food is a large factor in a food’s quality when it’s cooked.

With CVap technology from Winston, cooking and holding equipment will actually control the water vapor within the cooking cabinet. Using a heated reservoir, water vapor is created at the same temperature as the water contained within the food ingredient. This increases yield, provides faster serving times, reduces waste, and ultimately, creates happy customers and even happier foodservice operators.


You can find out right now. Access our CVap yield calculator, and see how much you can save with CVap from Winston.

Winston CVap Calculator