Intro to Modular Bar Systems

May 18, 2015

Bar space can be limited. That means every inch needs to maximize efficiency and ultimately profit. It’s important to arrange the right equipment within an overall system to enhance the potential of a beverage program, and this process begins by selecting equipment from the right manufacturer.

Last year, Advance Tabco acquired Supreme Metal out of Lower Manhattan. Supreme Metal was a pioneering company that manufactured beer and bar equipment ranging from modular bar systems and complete bars to underbar sinks and glass washers throughout New York City. Today, this equipment is available throughout southern California and southern Nevada by way of Advance Tabco and PMG.

Let’s Review the Basics of Advance Tabco’s Modular Bar Die System

If you’re looking for modular bar systems in southern California or southern Nevada, here are some important factors to consider:


Advance Tabco’s die walls can be sealed to the floor, which eliminates moisture in the bar structure. Precise engineering ensures an exact fit, and recessed outlets are set in place and allow bar equipment to be flush against the bar die wall for the tightest possible fit.


Sections are available in flat panels with recessed outlets, ice bin sections, and cabinet sections. The system also offers enclosed casing for beer towers and soda gun outlets. A cantilever design eliminates the need for legs, and the Advance Tabco Modular Bar System also has predefined space for all plumbing and drain lines.



Bar tops, drink rails, and panels can be prefabricated and installed after the bar die installation is complete. Millwork can be applied directly to the bar structure or moved into place on a horizontal anchor. Milled panels attach at the bottom using clips leaving easy access to plumbing.



Advance Tabco makes equipment that lasts. Stainless steel is a big component to their quality, but often, foodservice operators don’t completely understand the intricacies of using stainless steel.

To learn more about the high quality of Advance Tabco underbar equipment and to get a crash course on the use of stainless steel in California and Nevada foodservice operations, download the Stainless Steel Basics from Advance Tabco.