Introducing the Sammic Quick Cleaner for Sammic Vegetable Dicers

May 18, 2016

Sammic vegetable dicers can drastically increase the efficiency and capabilities of a California or Nevada commercial kitchen, but the dicing grids have been somewhat difficult to clean. Until now.

Sammic Quick Cleaner PMG California and NevadaThe new Quick Cleaner from Sammic is designed for quick, efficient, and safe grid cleaning of Sammic vegetable dicers. The unit consists of a grid holder and cleaners relative to each grid size, with available options of 8x8mm and 10x10mm grids. The dicing grid cleaners are ordered separately, and the entire Sammic Quick Cleaner solution is dishwasher-safe and NSF-listed to guarantee maximum safety and hygiene.

The Sammic Quick Cleaner will be one of the most effective and easy-to-use pieces of equipment in your entire commercial kitchen. Check out this short video, and you’ll see why:


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Sammic’s Quick Cleaner is the perfect example of a foodservice equipment solution designed to solve a specific problem. It’s the exact type of engineered solution we look to represent at PMG. To learn more about our full range of foodservice equipment and to get an idea as to how it can help solve your California or Nevada foodservice operation challenges, take a look at the PMG Guide to Engineered Solutions.

Read the PMG Guide to Engineered Solutions, and see how your foodservice operation can benefit.