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MIBRASA Charcoal Ovens are the upgrade you need!

January 31, 2018

The newest addition to Preferred Marketing Group’s portfolio of brands, MIBRASA, has charcoal ovens made from the best quality steel by expert hands and are designed to satisfy even the most demanding of chefs. A wide range of products and accessories allows for complete personalization.  MIBRASA charcoal ovens take the great taste and rustic techniques of traditional cooking but have created a more manageable process for a commercial kitchen.

Some of the benefits of having a MIBRASA product in your kitchen are:

  • Less charcoal consumption than other types of cooking, like open grills
  • Faster and cleaner cooking method
  • Improved flavors
  • Greater heat control, thus greater quality


Check out this video of how a MIBRASA charcoal oven can work for you!

At the end of the day, kitchens want quality and consistency with their cooking and MIBRASA charcoal ovens are the answer.


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