Remote Refrigeration can benefit you in your Foodservice operation!

March 19, 2018

Remote refrigeration is moving your compressors to an area outside your commercial kitchen, which can benefit your operation in many ways. Working in a commercial kitchen can get very warm, removing refrigeration from your kitchen can reduce the inevitable heat. This will also lower your utility bills, because you won’t have to replace the hot air with new conditioned air. Remote refrigeration can also get rid of excess noise. With the heat and noise being reduced the working conditions become much safer for your staff. To read more about the benefits on remote refrigeration click here!

RDT has Eco Systems, Eco-Cool and Eco-Smart, which were designed to meet the demands for environmentally responsible compliances within the food service industry. The Eco Cool System features a Scroll Digital compressor, which allows you to have precise control of individual compressors, an application that would usually require eight compressors. This system has a smaller system footprint, lower installation costs, lower refrigerant volume and reduced electrical consumption. The Eco-Smart System is an energy saving refrigeration controller for walk-in coolers and freezers. This system allows you to defrost only when needed, saving energy, and features a remote monitoring and system control.

Refrigeration Design Technologies (RDT) is an independent, family-owned company with over 50 years’ experience in the refrigeration industry. RDT provides the foodservice industry with best-in-class refrigeration rack systems, advanced refrigeration monitoring devices and intuitive defrost control systems. The wide array of intuitive, energy saving, quality refrigeration systems allow for numerous applications. RDT is dedicated to reducing their impact on the natural environment. Many of their systems improve energy efficiency by as much as 40% and diminish a key contributor to the global warming process by reducing refrigerant volumes by 50%.

With RDT’s full range of solutions, Preferred Marketing Group can help operators increase efficiency and profitability!


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