The Benefits of a Customized Commercial Kitchen Island Suite

January 30, 2016

An island can be the centerpiece of a commercial kitchen both literally and figuratively. It can serve as the hub for every ticket that comes in and every order that goes out. It can be instrumental to the success of a fast-paced foodservice operation. That’s why it’s important to have an island that is created with ergonomics and throughput in mind.

The easiest way to get what you need in a commercial kitchen island is to customize it the way you want it. With a modular-style island, foodservice operators and commercial kitchen chefs can have the tools they need for success.

The Benefits to a Customized Island:


With a customized commercial kitchen island suite built from modular components, there are limitless cooking combinations. Range tops, griddles, char-broilers, induction, and drawers are all sections to consider.


As your business grows and your menu changes, new components can be added to accommodate the need for additional throughput or changes in the cooking process. With a modular kitchen island suite, you’re ready for the future.


The bottom line is the bottom line. By arranging cooking stations so they’re in the right location, foodservice operators can increase efficiencies and throughput with an intelligently designed kitchen layout. This will ultimately lead to higher quality, more efficient use of labor, and profitability.

Make your plan a reality.

Whether you’re a foodservice operator opening a new business or remodeling an existing kitchen, you have an opportunity to make your vision a reality. Discover the possibilities of your own custom kitchen island suite by reading the Garland Guide to an Island of Your Own.

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