Why a Cleveland Steam Jacketed Kettle Is Right for Your Commercial Kitchen

February 17, 2016

When compared to stock pots, a Cleveland steam jacketed kettle can provide a wide range of benefits. Efficient heat transfer, uniform heating, and superior product handling mean foodservice operators get faster cooking times, accurate temperature control, higher quality, and more.

Cleveland steam jacketed kettles apply heat both at the bottom and on the sides of the vessel, resulting in much faster and more even cooking without any scorching. Fully two thirds of the kettle’s surface area is heated by steam. Tilting models allow for easy handling, and clean up is easy since there isn’t burned food in the pot.

Cleveland steam jacketed kettles are ideal for: soups, delicate sauces, pasta, gravies, desserts, stews, braising meats, rice, reheating dishes and holding them until serving. Here’s a more detailed glimpse at the benefits:


  • Heats from all sides and has 3-4 times larger heat surface than stock pots.
  • Gentle uniform cooking.
  • Faster cooking times using high energy steam.
  • Precision temperature controls from a simmer to a boil.
  • No hot spots.


  • Reduces food waste due to over cooking and burning.
  • Reheat meals without over cooking.
  • Simmer food all day without over cooking.
  • Simplifies and standardizes recipe and enhances recipe development.


  • Saves both time and money.
  • Eliminates scrubbing of messy stock pots.
  • Butterfly shaped pouring lip accurately pours product into containers for serving.
  • Kettles use 35% less energy than stock pots on an open burner.
  • Keeps kitchens cooler.

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