How to Select Foodservice Equipment for California and Nevada Restaurants

November 17, 2015

For restaurants and foodservice operations in California and Nevada, there are many choices for finding the right equipment. Whether you’re shopping for a specific brand or are working with someone to help you locate a brand based on the solution you need, there are a few important factors to consider.

No matter what piece of foodservice equipment you’re looking for and no matter who is helping you select it, the following goals should be achieved:


The right equipment should make your California or Nevada foodservice operation more efficient. The less your customers have to wait, the happier they are. The more tickets you can move through in a seating period, the more money your restaurant will make.


Throwing out food product is the same as throwing out money. Find equipment that will help you reduce food waste or extend the life of the products you have, and you’ll find new ways to increase revenue.


Labor costs money. The more efficiently your staff can work, the more profit the house will see.


Similar to wasting food product, using excess energy is like throwing money away. Whether it’s up the exhaust hood or through a faulty walk-in, always look for innovative ways to save energy and ultimately money.


During the cooking process, the better the yield your equipment provides, the more you will get out of your ingredients. Likewise, for operations that require the holding of food like buffets or catering companies, increasing hold times while maintaining safety can be a pivotal part of your business.

Where should you start your search for the right equipment?

PMG not only represents some of the most innovative brands in the foodservice equipment industry, but we also provide a solutions-oriented approach to helping you find the specific equipment for your unique needs. See what other California and Nevada foodservice operations and restaurants are saying in our PMG Guide to Engineered Solutions.

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