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Preferred Marketing Group Live events combine training on the industry's top equipment with the pleasure of a good meal.

Our live demo facility is open to end users, dealers, consultants, and professional organizations. All are invited to view and experience our phenomenal state-of-the-art foodservice equipment. We offer a one-of-a-kind experience that cannot be matched.

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Upcoming Live Demos

7/27/22 & 7/28/22

Welbilt Roadshow Coming Soon!

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Event Date - 7/27/22 & 7/28/22

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    Chef Burress Bros
    Hash Slinging Panini Cutter

    Knowledge is power in the food service industry.

    These facilities help foodservice professionals in the marketplace. At your evaluation, our manufacturers will provide you with all of the necessary special equipment that you require. The facilities are designed for maximum flexibility, we will do whatever it takes to accomodate you!

    Whether it is a small gathering for 5 or a group of 45, you can be assured when you attend a Preferred Marketing Group Live event you will leave feeling well-informed.

    In order to accomodate our entire territory your Preferred Marketing Group representative can even arrange to have a Preferred Marketing Group Live come to you. Please call your Preferred Marketing Group Representative today for more information!

    Live Kitchen Demo

    Exclusive Demos

    • Caramelized Onion Galette with Chef Freddy

      Chef Freddy is here to teach you how to EASILY make a Caramelized onion galette, using Merrychef and Convotherm ovens!

    • HOW TO: Sous Vide & Dehydrate with a Convotherm Combi Oven! (ft. Cookshack)

      Combi ovens aren’t just for baking! Check out how you can also do Sous Vide and dehydrate fruit & veggies with just one machine!

    • Exclusive Demo: Garland CG-36R

      Learn how to operate, clean, and season a Garland Griddle with Freddy.

    • Culinary Lab: Mibrasa Charcoal Oven

      Yes, it IS another Preferred Culinary Lab adventure with Freddy – this time we are testing out a MIBRASA charcoal oven. Our goal was to reach a rich smoky flavor, while also gently creating the perfect grill marks on the meat & fish. Safe to say it was a success!

    • Exclusive Demo: DoughXpress DM-18

      Let Freddy teach you how to set up and operate a DM-18 dough press.

    • Exclusive Demo: Frymaster 11814G

      Check out this video to learn how to operate AND clean the 11814G fryer with SMART4U lane controller.

    • Introducing: Sammic XM-12

      Check out this video to learn more about the XM-12 immersion blender from Sammic. Safe, clean & versatile – it’s a match! Contact us at for more info!

    • Preferred Podcast with Josiah Citrin (Welbilt)

      Join us today for a fun chat with Chef Josiah Citrin, we are discussing Michelin Stars, Celebrity Chefs, amazing Restaurants and MUCH MORE!

    • Exclusive Demo: Garland Countertop Hotplate.

      Learn how to operate, clean, and season a Garland Hotplate.

    To request your own training video please contact