Advance Tabco Complete Line of Industrial Sinks

June 3, 2014

An Introduction to Advance Tabco Complete Line of Industrial Sinks




Advance Tabco is a leader in the manufacturing of stainless steel equipment across a wide range of product lines. With more than 6,000 items in their catalog, they were again ranked Best In Class by Foodservice Equipment & Supplies, which considered the following factors: product quality, product value, product design & aesthetics, service & support, sales representation, product inventory & availability, and product information & availability.


Of all the Advance Tabco product lines, one of their most comprehensive is their line of industrial and commercial sinks. Each sink includes faucets that meet 2014 federal lead free standards, and they are all designed with reliability, safety, and durability in mind.


Which sink is right for you?


It would take pages and pages of text to fully represent Advance Tabco’s line of commercial and industrial sinks, but here’s a brief introduction of their offerings:


Drop-In Sinks Advance Tabco’s drop-in sinks are countertop mounted self-rim designs. They are available with one, two, and three compartments and can be supplemented with removable splash wraps to protect surrounding areas. The DI-1-2812 is the largest one compartment drop-in sink in the industry


Undermounts Advance Tabco Undermounts are deep drawn seamless bowls featuring Advance Tabco Smart Finish™. They are available in a variety of gauges and sizes to meet your specific standards.


Hand Sinks Advance Tabco has the largest selection of hand washing sinks in the industry. Side splash units and soap and towel dispenser units are also available, and all units are NSF approved. Also look for hands-free sinks and sinks for people with disabilities, as well as multi-station sinks that are wall mounted with tubular supports.


Mobile & Silver Soak Sinks These multi-purpose units are a must for large food preparation-type installations. Move it where the action is, and accommodate dishwasher baskets with a universal bowl size.


Mop Sinks Floor units are available with or without a notched front to allow for ease of emptying the mop bucket. Mop cabinets, as well as wall-mounted or standing service sinks, are also available from Advance Tabco.


Deep Drawn Sinks Deep drawn bowls are seamless and are drawn out of a single sheet of steel. Their satin finish is easy to clean, and all models come with stainless steel legs and bullet feet. Deep drawn sinks are available with or without drainboards.


Fabricated Sinks Fabricated bowls are welded together at the seams and are great for economical savings. Like Advance Tabco’s deep drawn sinks, each model is made with stainless steel legs and bullet feet.


Specialty Sinks Advance Tabco’s specialty sinks include corner sinks, compartment sink/hand sink combos, convenience store sinks for limited space, and meat and platter sinks.


Budget Sinks Advance Tabco also features a budget line of scullery sinks complete with accessories like drainboards and stainless steel covers. They are available in one, two, three, or four compartment models.


Still need help?


Contact your PMG rep today to learn more about Advance Tabco’s line of commercial and industry-grade sinks. We can show you the specific models listed in each area above. Contact us today to learn more or to set up a demo.


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