An Introduction to Commercial Fryers That Are Economical AND Efficient

August 29, 2014

An Introduction to Commercial Fryers That Are Economical AND Efficient


There have always been economy fryers, which are energy hogs and aren’t very economical in the long run. There are also high-efficiency fryers that are expensive and more than pay for themselves over the long run. Now, PMG is proud to introduce you to Frymaster’s new economy, high-efficiency fryer.

Gas or Electric: Start by Selecting Your Energy Source

Frymaster Commercial FryersGas

With Frymaster gas fryers, quality craftsmanship is coupled with leading-edge innovation. Their versatile line means there’s a gas fryer for every possible application. If you value performance, high efficiency, or conserving oil, take a look at Frymasters line of gas commercial fryers.







Frymater Electric Commercial FryersElectric

Frymaster’s high efficiency electric fryers put every kilowatt to work for maximum efficiency. The leading electric commercial fryers in the industry, explore this complete line of electric fryer solutions to find the unit that suits yours specific needs.






The Best Free-Standing Floor Fryers in the Industry

Regardless of the power source, Frymaster commercial fryers are best in class. They have won the Foodservice Equipment & Supplies magazine award for best free-standing floor fryer for an unprecedented 13 years in a row. What does this mean for you? You’re guaranteed:

– Product Quality
– Product Value
– Product Design & Aesthetics
– Service & Support
– Sales Representation
– Product Inventory & Availability
– Product Information Availability

These are the seven criteria rated by FE&S. To find out more about economy, high-efficiency fryers from Frymaster, contact your PMG rep today.

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