Sammic Hand Mixers and Commercial Immersion Blenders

August 8, 2014

Sammic Hand Mixers and Commercial Immersion Blenders

The Widest Range of Hand Mixers and Commercial Immersion Blenders in California


There’s a hand mixer for every situation in Sammic’s line of commercial stick blenders. From fixed to adjustable speeds and from attached to detachable arms, their complete range of immersion blenders enables food processing in containers of up to 300 quarts.Sammic Hand Mixers and Blenders


Made of stainless steel for easy cleaning and ergonomically designed for ease of use, each model is NSF listed for enhanced safety. The uses are limitless:


Purées, Creams, Soups, Sauces, Meringue, Chantilly, Mayonnaise, Omelettes, Batters, Soufflés


So which range of blender is right for you?


The first step in deciding which immersion blender or hand mixer will suit your needs is to determine which category will suit your needs. The Sammic team, along with reps like PMG, work hard to make this selection process as easy as possible. Here are the three categories of Sammic commercial hand mixers:


Compact RangeThis category consists of light duty commercial stick blenders. They have a fixed speed of 250W, which translates to 9000 RPMs.


Medium RangeThis class is designed to use in containers of up to 75 liters of capacity. It consists of 350W hand mixers with both fixed and adjustable speeds (1500 to 9000 RPMs), multiple arm lengths, and combi models.


Superior RangeSammic’s superior range of commercial hand mixers includes both 550W and 750W models with fixed speed and arm lengths between 500 and 600mm. They operate at 9000 RPMs.


Mixed Up?


Sammic’s complete line of hand mixers and immersion blenders can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why your PMG rep is here. We can help you find the right unit for your exact situation regardless of your desired applications.


Contact us today to learn more about Sammic immersion blenders and the accessories that go with them.


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