Why Prep Stations Are The Linemen Of The Kitchen

June 19, 2014

Why Prep Stations Are The Linemen Of The Kitchen

Meet the Starting Lineup from DelfieldDelfield Prep Tables


They’re tough and durable. They protect. They get the job done. Sometimes, depending on the model, they’re even referred to as “the fridge.”


Though they’re not as glamorous as ovens or ranges, prep tables are the heart and soul of any kitchen. Chefs spend a large portion of their shifts at a prep station, and whether its pizza prep or a refrigerated salad top, Delfield has just the right station to suit your particular needs.


Here’s a brief introduction to the Delfield line of prep stations and tables:


Refrigerated Base Worktops

Versatile, high-performance units designed to work in the real world.


Pizza Prep Tables

Preparing pizza has never been easier or more efficient. Delfield’s line of pizza prep stations comes in a variety of sizes and configurations.


Dual Rail Prep Tables

Double the rail capacity without increasing footprint! Delfield Dual Rail prep tables utilize patented LiquiTec technology to provide refrigerated prep rails on the same unit.


Compact Worktops

Looking to take advantage of a small space and turn it into a productive center? Look no further than compact worktops by Delfield.


Flat Top Refrigerated Stations

Delfield’s 4400 series of flat top stations are an industry standard for quality, efficiency, and reliability. All 4400 series units are front breathing, which allows them to sit flush against a wall to create extra space in the kitchen.


Refrigerated Salad Tops

Keep product cold without drying it out. Delfield’s complete selection of salad top prep tables features a patented air screen.


Refrigerated Mega Tops

Like the flat top refrigerated stations, all units are front breathing and create extra space in the kitchen.


Flat Top Freezer Bases

There are two models to choose from – both from the Delfield 4400 series. They can both be placed against a wall, saving space.


Freezer Base Worktops

Whether you’re looking for a freezer base with a flat top or are looking to save space by installing a freezer base for use as an equipment stand, you’ll find they unit you’re looking for with Delfield.


Learn more about the units listed in the above categories.


Contact your PMG rep today to see a complete catalog of Delfield’s prep stations. Not sure which unit is right for you? We can help you decide the right prep station for your needs.


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