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Check out Ex-Bio!

The welfare of our planet demands an environmentally friendly food waste solution. In the U.S.A alone, our total landfill waste contains 30% and by some estimates, up to 40% food waste. Ex-Bio is the solution you need for managing your food waste. #foodservice #paradigmusa


Delfield… Fresh solutions fit for you. Call us today to learn more about how Delfield can be a big win in your kitchen. #foodservice #kitchendesign #paradigmusa #restaurant #coldasice #cool #socal #losangeles #lasvegas #vegas #sanfrancisco

A-Word-from-Preferred: Dry Ager

Dry Ager really the best solution when considering a dry-aging option for your restaurant. Give us a call or send us a DM to learn more. #Dryager #Meat #steak #restaurant #steakhouse #chef #chefslife #foodservice #cooking #paradirmusa #losangeles #socal #sanfrancisco #vegas

Perfect Results with Low Costs!


Convotherm’s Mini Combi Oven allows operators to serve up award-worthy plates, precisely and efficiently every time. Maximum performance while giving you the ability to cook multiple items at the same time combined with cost and energy savings, makes this oven the best choice.


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Smart Oil Management with Frontline


Frontline International has created a Heated Griddle Grease System that allows operators to collect giddle grease throughout the workday in a stainless steel basket positioned under the griddle drains.

Check out Frontline’s latest blog post about this new, smart oil management product!

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The Griddler

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Sous Vide Culinary Technique From Sammic!

Sammic provides the best quality essentials for optimal food preservation and Sous Vide cooking!

Check out the video below to learn how to prepare meat-filled baos with pineapple and jalapeños made with the Sous Vide technic!

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Versatility and Speed with Merrychef!

Cook faster and save power with the energy efficient eikon® e3 from Merrychef.

Ideal for crispy baguettes, snacks and toasted sandwiches, its compact design, versatility and fast prep times are a perfect solution for operators to meet demand.

Watch the video below on how to make a quick and easy sandwich in the eikon® e3!


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